Cornell’s expertise in research, technology and business education translates into meaningful impacts in communities around the world. Our mission extends beyond the classroom, helping entrepreneurs access the research and mentorship they need to start and grow successful businesses.

Thought Leaders in Economic Impact & Entrepreneurship

Louis Hyman

The gig economy

Louis Hyman has written about the rise of consultants, temps, freelancers and day laborers.

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Miguel I. Gómez

Food Marketing and Distribution

Miguel I. Gómez is an expert in global food supply chains and food value chains.

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Deborah Estrin

Health tech

MacArthur fellow Deborah Estrin is trailblazing the use of mobile devices and data to address social challenges.

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Sarah Kreps

Emerging Technology

Sarah Kreps’ teaching and research focus on the intersection of international politics, technology and national security.

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Jawad Addoum

Climate change

Behavioral economist Jawad Addoum is uncovering the effect of extreme temperatures on company earnings.

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Ori Heffetz

Economic Behavior

Ori Heffetz is an expert on consumption and studies the psychological, social and cultural aspects of economic behavior.

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Vanessa Bohns

Social Influence

Vanessa Bohns studies help-seeking, social influence, compliance, consent and why it’s so hard to say no.

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Karan Girotra

Transforming business

Karan Girotra collaborates with companies building new business models in the areas of urban living, smart transportation and e-commerce.

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Mani Sethuraman

Corporate Disclosures

Mani Sethuraman studies the effects of corporate disclosures on capital markets.

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Cornell’s Local Economic Impact

Cornell’s dedication to the local community, demonstrated through engagement and contribution of resources, is one reason Ithaca is consistently ranked among the top small cities in the nation.

  • $4.7M
    Property taxes paid
  • $334M
    Purchasing in Tompkins and adjacent counties
  • $7.2M
    Local contributions to governments, Ithaca City School District, non-profit organizations, and public transit support
  • $357M
    External federal, state and corporate research funding spent locally