Cornell’s expertise in research, technology and business education translates into meaningful impacts in communities around the world. Our mission extends beyond the classroom, helping entrepreneurs access the research and mentorship they need to start and grow successful businesses.

Thought Leaders in Economic Impact & Entrepreneurship

Mark Sorrells

Ancient Grain Project Feeds Growing Demand

Mark Sorrells leads the Cornell Small Grains Project, which for more than a century has developed innovative approaches to crop improvement.

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Brooke Erin Duffy

Social Media, Culture, and Technology

Brooke Erin Duffy examines social media production, media and creative industries, digital labor, and gender and feminist media studies.

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Lara Skinner

Engaging Workers on Climate Change

Lara Skinner studies workers' and labor unions' engagement in issues of sustainability, climate protection, and economic alternatives.

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Scott Yonker

Madoff Damaged Trust in Financial Markets

Scott Yonker and two co-authors estimated the cost of the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme to the financial intermediation industry.

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Olga Padilla-Zakour

Food Entrepreneurship

Olga Padilla-Zakour focuses her research on increasing the economic viability of farm-based ventures.

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Deborah Streeter

Small Business Management

Deborah Streeter designed an online program to provide women with a highly personalized approach to achieving their leadership goals.

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Vicki Bogan

Behavioral Finance

Vicki Bogan examines the decisions corporations or individuals make regarding their investments and how they manage their portfolios.

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Samuel Bacharach

Organizational Behavior

Samuel Bacharach, director of the Institute for Workplace Studies, is an expert on leadership, management and teamwork.

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Cornell’s Local Economic Impact

Cornell’s dedication to the local community, demonstrated through engagement and contribution of resources, is one reason Ithaca is consistently ranked among the top small cities in the nation.

  • $2.8M
    Property taxes paid
  • $142.8M
    Purchasing in Tompkins and adjacent counties
  • $7.5M
    Local contributions to governments, schools, non-profits, public transit
  • $310M
    External federal, state and corporate research funding spent locally